Frequently Asked Questions

Where Your Donations Go


Where do your donations go?

#TeamPitStop has many programs and our goal is to ensure that we keep overhead costs to a minimum allowing donations to benefit the animals.

Programs include:

  • Food - we have donated over 17,000lbs. of food to local rescues and shelters
  • Training - we have provided behavioral assessments as well as doggie manners classes to ensure that animals have a better chance at placement in a new home.
  • Medical - procedures including spay/neuter, heart worm / demodex treatments, surgeries, etc.
  • Boarding - emergency boarding to assist shelters/rescues or medical rehabilitation.

Animals Saved To Date


How many passengers have we had on transport?

Since our inception in February 2014, 

#TeamPitStop volunteer drivers have helped save the lives of over 1250 animals by providing them a lifeline between the shelter and rescues, including fosters and adopters.

How many animals can you transport at one time?

Currently we have a single transport van that can comfortably carry 10-12 large dogs.  Transport in this vehicle is normally within the state of Florida. Out of State transport depends on the volunteers available at the time of the request. 

Rescue transporters provide that bridge between what was and what could be.  They are often the unsung heroes in the rescue chain, but a very integral part of the rescue life cycle.

Transport by the Mile


How many miles have your volunteers driven?

As of June 2017, our volunteers have driven over 112,000 miles.

What states does your transport group cover?

We primarily transport along the East Coast - Florida to Massachusetts.  However, on special request we have been to Michigan, Texas, Kentucky, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Do you work with other transport groups?

Rescue Transport is definitely a team effort.  Sharing resources is a must.  We have worked with several rescue transport groups to assist when/where we can to help get passengers to their destination.



How many dogs have you microchipped?

The Chips iN Pits program kicks off on July 8th, 2017.  Our goal is to microchip 100 dogs during the month of July.

How often do you have microchip events?

Our goal is to have microchipping events quarterly in and around the Jacksonville, Florida area. 

Where do these events happen?

Locations will be dependent on our partner veterinarians.  Please check out our Facebook events pages for details of each event (locations/times).



How many dogs have you adopted out?

#TeamPitStop started off primarily as a Rescue and Shelter support team.  In late 2015, we were given the opportunity to help a dog that was severely emaciated, heart worm positive, and  had horrible demodex mange.  We could not turn our back on her, so Peaches was placed in foster with one of our volunteers.  

Since that time, we have adopted out 6 dogs....

  • Peaches
  • Panda
  • Annie
  • The Disney Sister Triplets

We are very lucky to still have relationships with our adopters and get to see regular updates.

Toys 4 Transport


What is Toys 4 Transport?

The Toys 4 Transport program started in October of 2014 after watching animals leave the shelter to start their new life with nothing of their own. 

We began providing goodie  bags for our passengers to include items like new collars, leashes, soft plush toys, nylabones, kongs, treats, etc. 

How many toys and treats have you given out?

As of June 2017, we have provided over 3100 new toys and treats to shelter and rescue animals.

How can you help?

You can drop off donations at one of our two donation locations - Pet Supermarket in Jacksonville Beach or Earth Pets Natural in Mandarin.


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